Mugenyi Community

0° 46' 5" S , 31° 0' 20" E

Built in November 2021 by the community in Mugenyi.

Here are some rules agreed by Mugenyi Community:



  • Drinking alcohol, love making, fighting and Cigarette smoking are all not allowed at the hub space
  • The hub services are free of charge to all people.
  • The Hub shall operate from Monday to Monday from 9:00am to 9:00pm BUT tablets shall be available from 9:00am to 4:00pm
  • When one group is using the dome to learn, other members of the community shall be away to allow the group learning to concentrate
  • In case one is caught stealing, that person shall be reported to the chairperson (RWASI) for further legal action.
  • All human beings are equal, hence human rights must be respected at the Hub
  • No discrimination of any kind shall be allowed at the Hub space at any time.
  • Every group of community member shall participate in the daily cleaning of the Hub
  • Every beginning and mid-month shall be general cleaning of the Hub by the entire community.
  • The Hub committee shall meet twice a month. i.e. in the middle and end of the month.  
  • The Hub timetable MUST be followed to avoid collision at the hub

Nzisabira Imana Moses

Nzisabira Imana Moses is the Community Support Officer for Mugenyi Hub, Nakivale.

Phone number
Hub Timetable
Day Activity
Monday 9-12 Children, 2-4 People with disabilities
Tuesday 9-12 Children, 2-4 Youths
Wednesday 9-12 Children, 3-5 Women
Thursday 9-12 Children, 2-4 Men
Friday 9-12 Children, 2-4 Teenagers
Saturday 9-12 Footballers

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