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Can a Hub get more creative? Custom designed seats, paintings over the walls, the Opportunigee Hub is a piece of art...

Built by Opportunigee Community in November, 2019.

The Hub is open to all, but there are supervised sessions held on the tablets weekly for specific groups, as shown in the timetable.


Augustin Ndinda Rusagara

Opportunigee Hub Community Support Officer.

Hub Timetable
Timetable for activities at the Hub
Day Activity
Monday 11-1 Girls Cooking Class, 2-5 Youth Hairdressing, 5-7 Homework Club
Tuesday 11-1 Book Writing Club, 2-5 Hairdressing, 5-7 Maths, Literacy and First Aid Learning
Wednesday 11-1 Children Literacy and Numeracy, 2-5 Boys dance club, 5-7 Children games
Thursday 11-1 Hairdressing club, 2-5 Children learning, 5-7 Children games
Friday 11-1 Girls Cooking Class, 2-5 Youth Hairdressing, 5-7 Homework Club
Saturday Children all day
Sunday All welcome all hours!

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